Sadly we are progressing at a glacial rate

The words of Gillian Arnold, bemoaning the fact that in 2020 women only made up around 17% of the UK technical workforce, and the figure hasn’t changed much in the last two decades.

Gillian is passionate about diversity and after years in the IT industry decided to start her own company, Tectre, to encourage more women into the workforce. 

I was delighted to host her visit to an International Women’s Day event when she gave an inspirational speech about leadership to Manchester Girl Geeks.

While trying to understand why despite years of talking about inclusion of women so little has been achieved, Gillian and co-authors decided it was time to put together a practical guide. 

‘It’s over to you’

In essence the book ‘WOMEN IN TECH’ says – Employers it’s over to you, here are the facts, here are the tools, if you genuinely want more women in tech – then this is how to do it. 

We are privileged to have a fabulous group of women contribute to this ‘practical guide to increasing gender diversity and inclusion’. Gillian as editor, Hannah Dee, Clem Herman, Sharon Moore, Andrea Palmer and Shilpa Shah have been wonderfully generous in sharing their knowledge and experience in industry and education.

Positive and optimistic, these award winning women challenge employers:

‘We know you are going to make great strides! We look forward to seeing the huge change you make by 2025.’

I truly hope so.

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