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Hello Computer Linda Macaulay

Hello there!

I’m Linda. Emeritus Professor in Computation, I’ve been coding since 1967, have recently published my memoir. I’m a wife, mother, grandma, STEM ambassador and OG Girl Geek.

Hello Computer

Hello Computer is a story of a working-class girl who begins a life-long love affair with technology after seeing a computer for the first time in 1967.

Her journey takes us through exciting times and epic events, from the dawn of the internet to the dotcom boom, from punch cards to the raspberry pi and virtual worlds.

Linda shares her experiences of computing through real life stories where systems are designed to make a difference to people’s lives.

Demonstrating that although technology changes constantly, fundamentally, people don’t change that much.

A story of ambition, passion and programming, inspirational for future generations of women and girls in STEM.

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What people say…

I can’t think of another memoir by a woman in computing (apart from the odd high-profile individual like Steve Shirley). It is a definite contribution to the history of our subject. I’ll ensure it is added to the TNMoC library. (TNMoC – The National Museum Of Computing at Bletchley)” – Martin Campbell-Kelly, Emeritus Professor, University of Warwick, UK specialist in the history of computing.

About Me

‘Does your husband expect his tea on the table when he gets in from work?’

– a question I was asked when being interviewed for a job as Applications Programmer. I was 23yrs old with a degree and masters in computing and yet it was the fact that I was a married woman that was at the forefront of his mind. It couldn’t happen now or could it? Can a woman be technically minded, want to be financially independent and still be a good wife and mother? I tried to be that woman and this is my story. A story of tension between old and new, between career and family, between the quest to keep apace of technology while retaining humanity – about explaining why who codes matters and why more of us should be women.

I’m an Emeritus Professor of System Design at the University of Manchester, specialising in Human–computer interaction, Requirements engineering.

Photo by Dani Cole, The Mill article The White Heat of Technology

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Want to know more about my thinking?

In this blog I tell of some of my encounters, how computers have evolved over time, share stories about tech with women in mind, review amazing books written by or about women in tech, share inspirational stories of leadership and success, discuss challenges facing women and girls in STEM.

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