Women need more self-belief

A great leader and one of my role models is the fearless woman and exceptional politician, Barbara Castle, who in 1970 introduced the Equal Pay Act.

When giving a speech at an all-girls school she said: 

“I marvel at women’s instinctive acceptance of men’s belief in their own superiority” 

Adding that women need more “self-belief” and that “the most important skill they could acquire was self-confidence”

Easily said – but how do you change from that agreeable ‘good girl’, who always accommodates everyone else’s needs but never their own?

Is there something YOU would like to achieve, some goal you feel you could reach but never do – and somehow resign yourself to the fact that you never will?

The time has come to look at yourself and make some changes – Devise a plan, Take control!

I found a little technique called a Future Workshop helps, maybe you could try it…

Here’s how it goes….get out your notebook and pencil and sit in a quiet room. Give yourself at least an hour.

First:  Think about NOW – have a good old moan. Write down all the things that are wrong with your life/career. Make a list – not an essay – just brainstorm – think of something- write it down – move on.

Stop after 20mins – time yourself

Second: FANTASISE  – sit back, take a deep breath and think about all the things you would like to achieve. Your future goals – think one or two years ahead – make a list

Stop after 20mins 

Third: IMPLEMENTATION – take one goal from your fantasy list and think about how you could achieve that goal – what needs to change – how you could make it happen

Stop after 20mins 


Describe that goal – describe what needs to change – give specific time scales – what will you achieve in a week, a month, a year


When you go to bed at night ask yourself ‘what did I do today towards my goal’

When you wake in the morning ask ‘what am I going to do towards my goal’

Match what you actually do in a day with what you want to achieve.

Keep re-assessing your plan

Keep re-aligning what you do each day

Believe in yourself – have confidence that you can be in control

If you want something don’t wait to be asked – devise a plan.

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